Danish festivals and events

Denmark hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, celebrating music, culture, arts, food, and more.

Denmark's festival scene offers a vibrant and diverse array of events catering to different interests, providing visitors and locals with opportunities to immerse themselves in Danish culture, music, arts, and cuisine.

The festivals in this article are just a few of Denmark's many festivals, each providing a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Danish culture, music, and cuisine while enjoying the company of locals and fellow travellers alike.

Here are some of the best festivals in Denmark:


1. Music Festivals

Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival is one of Europe's largest music festivals featuring diverse music genres, camping, art installations, and activism.

The festival is held in Roskilde during the summer; this week-long event features an eclectic lineup of international and Danish artists across multiple stages, art installations, workshops, and a lively camping atmosphere.

When in 2024: June 29  - July 06

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Copenhagen Jazz Festival

A renowned jazz festival held at various venues across Copenhagen, showcasing local and international jazz artists.

The festival is a ten-day celebration of jazz music that takes over Copenhagen's streets, clubs, and concert halls. With hundreds of performances by local and international jazz musicians and free outdoor concerts and jam sessions, the festival offers something for jazz enthusiasts of all ages.

When in 2024: July 05 -14 

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Distortion is a unique urban festival that takes place in Copenhagen every June. Combining music, street art, and nightlife, the festival transforms different neighbourhoods of the city into vibrant party zones, with concerts, DJ sets, pop-up bars and street food stalls creating an electric atmosphere. 

The Distortion week always ends on the first Saturday of June

When in 2024: 29 May – 2 June

When in 2025: June 04–08 

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NorthSide Festival

Celebrates alternative and indie music, focusing on sustainability, art, and culture, held in Aarhus.

When in 2024: June 06 - 08

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Tønder Festival

Tønder Festival is a renowned folk music festival held in the historic town of Tønder in southern Denmark. The festival takes place over four days in late August; the festival features a lineup of international and Danish folk, roots, and American artists, workshops, dance sessions, and a cosy festival village atmosphere.

When in 2024: August 21 - 24

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2. Cultural and Arts Festivals

Aarhus Festuge

A cultural festival in Aarhus featuring music, visual arts, theatre, and various cultural events spread across the city.

Spanning ten days, the festival showcases a diverse program of music, theatre, art exhibitions, street performances, and culinary experiences, attracting visitors from across Denmark and beyond.

When in 2024: August 30- Sep. 8

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Copenhagen Opera Festival

Showcases opera performances at different venues in Copenhagen, promoting classical music and opera.

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Odense International Film Festival

A showcase of international short films and a platform for emerging filmmakers held in Odense.

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Aalborg Carnival

Aalborg Carnival is one of Denmark's largest street parties, held annually in May in the city of Aalborg. Featuring colourful parades, elaborate costumes, music, dance, and entertainment, the carnival attracts participants and spectators of all ages, creating a festive atmosphere in the streets of Aalborg.

When in 2024: May 17


3. Food and Culinary Festivals

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Celebrates Nordiccuisine with food tastings, workshops, and culinary events across Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival is a ten-day culinary extravaganza celebrating the best of Danish gastronomy. The festival features food tastings, cooking demonstrations, food markets, and unique dining events at restaurants throughout the city.

When in 2024: August 6 - 25


Aarhus Street Food Festival

Showcases street food worldwide, offering a diverse culinary experience in Aarhus.

When in 2024: September 6 - 8


 4. Sport events

Copenhagen Marathon

 The Copenhagen Marathon is a flat route through Inner Copenhagen and a certified World Athletics Road Race Label event.

When in 2024: May 05

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Royal Run

The Royal Run race is for runners of all levels of ability and is an opportunity to put on your running shoes and join in the tradition started by King Frederik of Denmark. The Royal family will participate in the Royal Run in some cities.

Where in Denmark: 
Brønderslev, Aarhus, Frederica, Kalundbog, Copenhagen/Frederiksberg

When in 2024: May 20



5. Seasonal and traditional festivals 

Tivoli Gardens Events

Tivoli Gardens hosts various seasonal events, including Halloween, Christmas markets, and concerts.


Sankt Hans Aften

Celebrated on June 23rd, this midsummer festival involves bonfires, singing, and gatherings to welcome summer.