In Billund you find both the original Legoland and the Lego House Unique UNESCO Heritage sites, Vikings and beautiful nature are top highlights in South Denmark The famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense The Wadden Sea is on the UNESCO list and is one of the most important wetlands in the world

Welcome to South Denmark

South Denmark has some of Denmark`s most beautiful and contrasting landscapes and great attractions for families as the original Legoland and three UNESCO world heritage sites.

Southern Denmark, or Region of Southern Denmark, consists of five municipalities: Billund, Esbjerg, Kolding, Tønder, and Vejle, and parts of the former counties of Funen, Ribe, and South Jutland.

It is known for its scenic countryside, picturesque towns and villages, and rich cultural heritage, as well as for being home to several major industries, including shipping, agriculture, and manufacturing.

In South Denmark, you find romantic and old castles, a historical treasure trove, well-preserved ancient towns and exciting museums.

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Top family attractions

It is not without any reason this region was pronounced 'The world’s best children’s holiday destination'. You have a short distance to the most spectacular fun and games for all ages. We can recommend highlights such as Legoland, LegoHouseGivskud Animal Park, the Universe,  or Egeskov Castle.

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In the footsteps of H.C. Andersen

Walk in the footsteps of H.C. Andersen in Odense at Funen. Visit the most famous Andersen attractions in Odense, where Andersen was born, and you can follow the designed Hans Christian Andersen route in Odense. We also recommend the H.C. Andersen Trail, where you will pass beautiful castles the famous fairy tale author visited when he lived (1805 - 1875).

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Get to know the Vikings

Get into the dramatic history of the Danish Vikings by visiting the attractions in Ladby Museum, the Jelling Monuments, and Ribe or Ribe Vikingecenter.


Visit the UNESCO Wadden Sea region

The Wadden Sea National Park is included in the Unesco Heritage List. It`s a fantastic location with the most important wetlands in the world with many birds and wildlife. It is very recommended to visit the Wadden Sea Centre here.

The 1000 m2 exhibition centre opened in February 2017 and gives you insights into the Wadden Sea National Park's secrets with the newest technology. You get close to the birds you usually watch at a distance.


South Funen Archipelago 

Beautiful small islands surrounding the island of Funen, are called 'the South Funen Archipelago'. Take one of the boat routes and explore fantastic scenic adventures, exciting cultural history and warm-hearted islanders.


Beautiful beaches  in South Denmark

Southern Jutland`s coasts invite relaxation and activities, especially during summer. The inlets and the Little Belt (Lillebælt) are on the Eastern coastline.

On the West Coast beautiful beaches. You can visit Henne Beach or Blåvand Beach. The water is very clean, and bathing here during the summer is nice.

At some beach locations, you can park your car right where you want, as on Rømo, one of the most expansive beaches in Northern Europe. 


Bridge walking is possible in Middelfart

Throughout the Southern part of Denmark, you will be inspired to try all kinds of activities like biking, hiking, tree-topping walking, canoeing, surfing and bridge walking like in Sydney on the old Lillebælt bridge, which combines Middelfart and Fredericia.


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