Copenhagen offers many exciting and fun experiences for children

Copenhagen offers many exciting and fun experiences for children

Anders Bøgild - Tivoli/ CopenhagenMediaCenter

Anders Bøgild - Tivoli/ CopenhagenMediaCenter

Copenhagen for kids

Discover Copenhagen a safe and trusted town. From world-class attractions like museums and amusement parks to beautiful beaches in the summer.

Just visit one of Copenhagen`s national museums. Most of them have special areas for kids, where they can get stuck in with drawing, painting, exploring exhibitions.

What about visiting a fascinating Science Centres, where children and adults alike can get hands-on science experiences.

Excellent playgrounds

Copenhagen is covered with well-equipped public playgrounds. These are great places to take your children to play with and get to know local Danish children.

Small distances provides great opportunities

Because of the relatively small distances, Copenhagen area is easy to move around with kids. The offers are also plenty, easy to get public transport, organise car hire and access sites.

This means if you visit Copenhagen, it’s possible to “terrify”  your children with a tour of the dungeons of Kronborg Castle in the morning, sail in a Viking ship on Roskilde Fjord in the afternoon,  and finish with an exhilarating evening in Tivoli Gardens in the evening.

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