Trelleborg Viking Fortress was build by a danish Viking king Harald Bluetooth In summer visitors can participate in fun and games The Viking Market in Trelleborg Some of the staff  are dressed in Viking custome

Trelleborg Viking Fortress

Near Slagelse in West Zealand you can experience the Viking Age in the Viking fortress of Trelleborg.

Trelleborg was constructed around AD 980 by King Harald Bluetooth (also know from the Viking Heritage in Jelling), and is today very well preserved.

Here you can come close to the Vikings that lived in Denmark more than 1000 years ago, and here lived an estimated force of 1,000 warriors. The longhouse is the most impressive, and it is built of rough oak beams and furnished with benches on which the Vikings slept.

The museum includes archaeological finds, models and reconstructions that give a good impression of Trelleborg`s history, and how the inhabitants life.

In the summer Trelleborg offers many Viking activities and you certainly get the impression how it was to be a Viking thousands years ago.


Trelleborg Allé 4
4200 Slagelse
South Sealand
+45 58549506

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  • Lattitude: 55.394612
  • Longitude: 11.271845