The Volcano House

Get insights about Iceland volcanoes and where you are in the world.

The House was established by four siblings: Hörður, Þórir and Svavar Gunnarsson (all sons of Gunnar) and one sister: Dagbjört Gunnarsdóttir and their families in 2011.

The mission of Volcano House is to give visitors a glimpse of the reality of living in Iceland, where volcanoes and earthquakes are a part of daily life.

Eruptions in Iceland occur every four years on average, and earthquakes, although usually quite minor, occur daily. All together the staff in Volcano House, experts in geology,geography and tourism, work to provide an experience of a lifetime for its audience.


Tryggvagata 11
101 Reykajvík
Reykjavik, Capital Region

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  • Lattitude: 64.148934
  • Longitude: -21.940612