The Stork Fountain

The Stork Fountain

The Stork Fountain

The Stork Fountain (Storkespringvandet) is actually Denmark's most famous fountain, near the pedestrian shopping street Strøget.

Back in time, the Stork was a symbol for happiness. It was described as loving, family-oriented, faithful and linked with the fruitfulness waters. If the Stork made a nest on your roof, it could be a sign of luck in the future.

Hans Christian Andersen

The Stork is also used in the Hans Christian Andersen story and also a reason to The Stork Fountain probably is the most famous fountain in this part of the world.


Danish celebrating traditions

In Denmark, the midwives have a tradition of celebrating their graduation by dancing around the fountain. Lately, also the local high school students dance around the fountain when finishing their examination and studies.


Amagertorv 6
Copenhagen, Capital Region

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  • Longitude: 12.578110