The Sigtuna Museum

Sigtuna is Sweden´s first town from AD 980, the last century of the Viking era.

Sigtuna includes related to the wondrous medieval churches, ruins, rune stones and buildings that stand to this day in and around the town. The museum is built on the location believed to be the home of the first Swedish King, Eric the Victorious. From Eric the Victorious’s first settlement through the next few centuries, Sigtuna was important in the Norse mythology of the Vikings.


Historical significance

Sigtuna is one of Sweden's oldest towns, founded in the 10th century. It was an important trading centre during the Viking Age and medieval times, serving as the capital of Sweden until the 13th century.

Sigtuna's Old Town has preserved its medieval character, with narrow streets, colourful wooden houses, and well-preserved buildings. It offers a picturesque setting for strolling, shopping, and exploring.

You can visit Sigtuna Museum with its fascinating exhibitions of Sigtuna through the ages, or what about Viking souvenirs along Stora Gatan.



Where is Sigtuna

Sigtuna’s location makes it an ideal stop-off as it is only 45 minutes from Stockholm, 30 minutes from Uppsala and just 20 minutes from Arlanda airport.


The Sigtuna Museum
Stora gatan 55
193 30 Sigtuna.
Capital Region

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 59.615227
  • Longitude: 17.719122