The Deer Park

The Deer Park is situated just north of Copenhagen and is a very beautiful old royal park with and old castle in the centre of the park.

It is cultivated woodland covering approximately 1000 hectares. Today the area is popular for outings, picnics long walks, jogging, bicycling, horseback riding, or a trip in a horse carriage. You may explore various types of grazing deer when crossing through the park.

The  Royal Eremitage castle

You will find a little beautiful romantic castle named Eremitageslottet in the Deer Park. It still belongs to the Royal Family a and today used by the Royal Family for hunt lunches and other special occasions.

The big jogging event - Eremitageløbet 

Eremitageløbet, also referred to as E-race, is a race to be held in the deer park each year in early October. The race was held for the first time in 1969 and is believed to have inspired a number of large jogging fans.

About 17.000 participants every year makes this race the second largest single day jogging event in Denmark

Bakken Amusement Park is a nearby attraction

The Amusement Park Bakken is placed in the Deer Park and is an attraction for both families and individuals. The park is more than 400 years old. Here you find several traditional attractions but also a lot of old traditional restaurants where you can explore the famous Danish "hygge". 


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Copenhagen, Capital Region
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