Under Christiansborg Castle you find ruins from 1167

Under Christiansborg Castle you find ruins from 1167

Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

Ruins of Absalon`s Castle

Experience the ruins of Absalon's Castle from 1167.

When the present Christiansborg Palace was constructed, the National Museum of Denmark did not hesitate to provide space for the ruins of the Palace's oldest predecessors, Bishop Absalon's Castle of 1167 and Copenhagen Castle.

It was actually at a bit of a coincidence that the workers during the construction of the present Christiansborg found the ruins of the former buildings, which are dated back to 1167 century.

When you walk around in the underground galleries, you get a feeling that it was a castle, which was constantly changing.

Many kings imprint here

The story tells of several Danish kings that changed and maintained the castle until King Frederik IV rebuilt the castle 1720. The next King Christian VI had to realise the situation, and he built a new castle, which we today know as the first Christiansborg Palace.

The current Christiansborg Palace serves as the home of the Danish parliament and government.



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