Rallarvegen - from Geilo to Voss

One of Norway`s most amazing and famous biking routes.

Rallarvegen is Norway’s most popular biking route. The 82 kilometres biking route is a must for bicycling enthusiasts. Rallarveien was built as a supply road when the Bergen line was built from 1895-1909.

It takes you from Geilo, through the Hardangervidda mountain plateau down to either Voss or Flåm by the Aurlandsfjord.

if you travel in spring there is still some snow left, so remember to check snow conditions before you go. A good place to start the trip is at Haugastøl, where you will find a train station and a large parking space.

The road goes from Voss through Raundalen to Upsete, about 45 km. It continues from Myrdal to Hallingskeid (17 km) on to Finse (19 km)
The steep stage to Haugastøl is 19 km.

A branch of Rallarveien runs from Flåm up through Flåmsdalen and in 21 steep turns to Vatnahalsen and Myrdal.

Rallarveien is closed to car traffic between Storurdi (16 km from Haugastøl) and Flåmsdalen. There is no car traffic between Uppsete and Mjølfjell.


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  • Longitude: 7.827119