Nuuk Art Museum

In 2005 the art museum of Nuuk opened in the old Adventist Church of Nuuk. The museum holds the private art collection and handicrafts of the late contractor Svend Junge.

The museum consists of an impressive collection of Greenlandic art and crafts from the beginning of the 20th century, with approximately 300 paintings and 400 Greenlandic figurines.

The museum has two sections consisting of the museum’s own paintings and a new extension to the building with a large exhibition room which houses temporary exhibitions from Greenlandic artists and artists from around the world.

In the museum, you will find paintings from Danish artists like Emanuel A. Petersen and tupilaks carved in teeth.

In the museum’s permanent exhibition, one can experience older and more modern art – paintings painted of Greenland, in Greenland or by Greenlanders.


Nuuk Art Museum
Kissarneqqortuunnguaq 5
3900 Nuuk
Nuuk, Capital Region
+(+299) 32 77 33

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  • Lattitude: 64.177854
  • Longitude: -51.729204