Northern Lights in Tromsø

Tromsø is one of the most popular destinations to experience the incredible Northern Lights.

Tromsø’s unique location over 300 km North of the Arctic Circle in Norway and its stable mild weather make it one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in the Nordic countries and the world.

Every year from ultimo September to April, thousands of travellers heading for Tromsø to experience the unforgettable nature light show and seeing auroras is a beautiful experience.

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Best time to see the Northern Lights 

You can watch the Northern Lights from mid-September to mid of April when the darkness is coming to Tromsø. You increase your possibilities if you arrive between October and March.

Many tours are bookable from October to April. There are no guarantees about discovering the Northern Lights. However, with a plan with factors that help determine when and where the Northern Lights will be dancing in the sky, there is a high chance that your hunt for the Northern Lights will be successful.

Once you've had your first Northern Light experience, you'll understand why watching on TV or the internet is not the same. The glowing lights, continually moving and changing their form, strength and colours in the clear dark sky, creates indescribable moments.

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Other Attractions in Tromsø

Tromsø and the Tromsø region have much more to offer as two museums: the Polar Museum and Polaria museum.

Also, the beautiful Arctic Cathedral is worth visiting. We also recommend taking the cable car to the top of Storsteinen, one of Tromsø’s most popular tourist attractions.


Why is it possible to see the Northern Lights

When searching for the best locations where the Northern Lights often appear, head for the Northern Lights Oval as an explanation – the ring that circles the Magnetic North Pole. It is centred in Northern Hemisphere at around 65 °N with a width of approximately 10 degrees. The oval expands when Northern Lights activity is at its most active, and this is where Tromsø becomes essential as the right point.

The Northern Lights are best discovered when it is dark. The many fantastic clear Arctic evenings in Tromsø create the optimal settings to explore the glowing lights.

Whatever you prefer to experience in Tromsø Northern Lights through one of the many exciting local activities or excellent viewpoints in the city, you will have an experience of life. 

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