Odense of filled with quaint streets

Odense of filled with quaint streets



Main Shopping Street in Odense

You will find Odense very interesting related to shopping options.

In the middle of the city centre is pedestrian Kongensgade and Vestergade, which is the setting for most of the shops, and offers the best in Danish and international clothing brands, beauty and interior design.

Visit also the cosy Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter in the heart of Odense buzzing with creativity and twitches with life with its many offerings in culture, art, fashion, design and gastronomy. Visit also the cosy cafes or restaurants here.


Danish design 

GEORG JENSEN DAMASK has more than 250 years of weaving traditions. They combined their designs with current trends, new ideas and visions - and the current collection testifies to both respect for history and a desire for renewal.

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  • Lattitude: 55.395153
  • Longitude: 10.384499