Lyngenfjord is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights The beautiful Lyngen Alps surrounding the fjord The Lyngen Alps create the perfect setting for ski touring Visit a Whisky Distillery in Lyngenfjord


Visit the Lyngen Fjord area to skiing or discover the Northern Lights or in summer the Midnight sun.

The Lyngen Alps are a mountain range in northeastern Troms county, and Lyngenfjords is the obvious choice if you wish to see the Northern Lights or skiing activities.

The majestic Alps, with its alpine mountains, is one of the best skiing areas in Norway. The 82-kilometre long Lyngenfjord is the area's backbone, surrounded by the rough fascinating Lyngen Alps, which rise to 1.833 metres above sea level. It's a beautiful place with many adventure and leisure activities, making it a popular destination for tourists.

Here you can experience a mixture of nature, coastal and Sami culture and the thousand metre high mountains fall vertically into the deep fjords, giving the landscape a dramatic sign that you will not find anywhere else in Europe. The high peaks form a particular barrier to rain clouds, which make the Lyngenfjord region one of the driest places to visit in Europe, but in the same also one of the clearest.

The Lyngenfjord region is recommendable for short and longer breaks, especially during the Northern Light season, or an obvious choice for a detour from Tromsø. You can also discover the Midnight Sun here from 17 May to 27 July, where the sun shines 24/7.

Ultimate Northern Light conditions

These conditions make the Lyngenfjord region one of the best places on earth to discover the stunning Northern Lights. The night skies here are clear and sparkling, which means that this is a perfect place from which to watch the Northern Lights dancing above the mountaintops. It's a Northern Lights photography heaven, with the silhouette of the mountains against the starry sky, the moon, and the Northern Lights.

The perfect destination for adventure lovers

Especially during the winter, the region invites all kinds of fascinating adventures. The conditions for activities like skiing, dog sledging, snowmobiling and special Northern Light events and activities are unique here, and you will find a wide selection of local tour operators offering exciting Arctic adventures.


During the summer and the Midnight Sun season, the Lyngenfjord region invites for all kinds of fjord activities. The many hours of light create the most exciting energy and atmosphere, motivating one for many beautiful nature experiences. Lyngenfjord invites you to boat safaris and fishing tours. Excellent routes make the Lyngen Fjord region an obvious choice for a self-drive experience too. 

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The Sami People have their own culture

In Norway, the Sami People are indigenous people whose language, culture, and customs differ from general Nordic culture.

The Sami live in the whole region, but you can experience them in Reisa National Park and in the village of Manndalen, where you can find the Center of Northern People. On a visit here, you have an extraordinary possibility to discover about the  Sami and Norwegian culture through exciting activities.

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Lyngenfjord is an awarded sustainable destination

The Lyngen region was awarded the prestigious quality label "Sustainable Destination" by Innovation Norway in 2017.

Getting to Lyngenfjord

The Lyngenfjord region is between Tromsø and Alta, and you can arrive here by air, bus or drive your car.

By air

When arriving by plane from abroad, many usually fly via Oslo. Airlines operating these airports are Norwegian, SAS and Widerøe.  From there, you can continue to Tromsø (TOS). Bardufoss (BDU), or Sørkjosen (SQJ) is also an option with a stopover in Tromsø.

There are also direct flights from Helsinki, Stockholm, London and other several European cities.

By bus

Lyngenfjord region can be reaced by buses from Tromsø, Narvik (one bus change) and Alta.

From Tromsø bus station are two routes departing to Lyngenfjord, one via Nordkjosbotn goes to Skibotn, Manndalen and continues to Storslett or one route to Alta/Storslett via Lyngen.

From Narvik, you need to change buses at Nordkjosbotn and then continue to the Lyngenfjord region.

By car

From Tromsø, you can follow the route the E8 to Fagernes (20 km) and then along with the Rv 91 to the quayside at Breivikeidet. The boat trip is 20 minutes, and from the boat, you can see the amazing Lyngenalps.

Getting there

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  • Longitude: 20.382690