The Limfjord region is beautiful and varied, and there are good opportunities for great nature experiences.

Limfjorden, highly irregular Fjord that separates the North Jutlandic Island from the rest of Jutland is about 1700 km2. To the east, between the neck and Løgstør constitute Limfjorden a 1-2 km wide, the river-like race that only between Gjøl and Nibe is breeding.

Today it is evident that you can sail on Limfjorden, but if we think back in history and back to the Viking Age exactly these connections by sea used to be both the easiest and fastest means of transportation.

The journey on land was both difficult and dangerous with big forests, gangs of robbers, and terrible roads. Thus, the Limfjord formed a perfect base for the Vikings, and throughout the ages, the Limfjorden has been the source of wealth for herring fishermen, merchants, and other good people.

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  • Lattitude: 56.893690
  • Longitude: 8.951384