Horse Riding Adventures

Explore the amazing nature of Iceland on a horseback.

It is fascinating history when you look back on the Icelandic Horse, and it`s development. You have to go back to the late 9th century. 


The Vikings influence

The Vikings settlers brought their best horses, from various origins, though mostly of Germanic descent. The breed has remained pure for over a thousand years and thus today, there is only one breed of horse in Iceland – The Icelandic Horse.


The Icelandic horse today

Today, you will find impressive close to 80,000 horses in Iceland and compared to a nation with around 330.000 people, quite fantastic status. The Icelandic Horse has a fine reputation as intelligent, good-tempered, and versatile.

It is the most colourful breed in the world, with over 40 different colours and over 100 variations.

The local horsemen are respectful and considerate of nature throughout the country, just as they are with their horses.

All sorts of competitions are held, emphasising the different gaits of the horses, from novice fun classes to top-class championships.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 64.963051
  • Longitude: -19.020835