Hope is a lifestyle concept that exists in the field of fashion with a special liking for original and classic design.

Our concept is consistent and recognisable. We like solid and authentic engagement for all parts included in making our products. We believe that our global customers share similar demand for a well-made concept.


The Hope Style

Hope’s signature style is low-key, raw and authentic. The style shall give a feeling of well-being. We like to support ”an easy move in everyday life” and supply a well-dressed and relaxed look.
The Design

The inspiration derives from traditional men’s workwear and vintage uniforms. We like a visible connection between the handcraft of tailoring and classic function. The clean silhouette is well fitted with innovative cut lines carefully placed, not to disturb the function but to enlarge the product.



Focus at details

Hope focuses on details because they strengthen the product without interrupting its wearability. Details like asymmetrically shaped pocket flaps, hidden closures, contrast fabric patches and stitching in various thicknesses, lengths and colours add value and function to the design.


The materials

Hope finds great pleasure in supplying materials chosen for their delicate structure and subtle patterns. When creating a collection, the production team search for fabrics with interesting surfaces and uses finishing and innovative treatment. Hope selects materials with a high demand for quality performance. We like fabrics that age with beauty, such as waxed cotton and indigo denim.


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Stockholm, Capital Region