Hetta - Pallas Hiking Trail

Hetta - Pallas Hiking Trail



Hetta - Pallas Hiking Trail

Visit one of the popular hiking trails in Finland.

You will find the main starting and end points for the Hetta - Pallas Hiking Trail are Hetta Village and Pallastunturi Visitor Centre.  

Arrival by boat

When you crossing the lake Ounasjarvi by boat you will reach to the trail of Hetta - Pallas. Hikers have to lift up a signal flag to be picked up by the boat.

In addition, the trail Ketomella and Vuontispirtti lead to the Hetta - Pallas Trail too. 

You will find the trail starts off at the old ferry stop at Ketomella and joins with the Hetta - Pallas Trail about 1 km west of Tappuri open wilderness hut.  It is the Finnish Road Administration which controls the trail and specially marked with green poles including white cross signs with a red centre.

There is approximately 9 km between Ketomella to Hetta - Pallas.

Another trail called Vuontispirtti connects to the Hetta - Pallas Trail at Montelli open wilderness hut. This trail begins from a private road to the boundary of the National Park. From here it continues up into the fells marked with white cross signs.

This trail is around 5 km long. 

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 68.383856
  • Longitude: 23.633262