Galdhøpiggen Hiking

The mountain is probably one of the most popular peaks to hike and climb in Norway.

Highest Nordic mountain

Galdhøpiggen is Northern Europe's highest mountain with its 2,469 meters (8,098 ft.). It is located in one of Norway's most beautiful Jotunheimen National Park.

Special recommended tours

The reason is probably the fact,  that it is technically relatively straightforward, without any real mountaineering skills. However, it is strongly recommended to take one of the special offers from local tour operators, where a tour guide offers a great insight into nature and the general area.

The mountain is surrounded on three sides by expansive glaciers except the east. The Styggebrean Glacier is located to the north, Svellnosbrean Glacier to the south, and Storejuvbrean Glacier to the West. The east from Spiterstulen approach is the easiest, because of the minimal contact with a glacier.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 61.636496
  • Longitude: 8.312418