Fredriksten  Fortress

Fredriksten Fortress

Terje Rakke/Nordic Life -

Terje Rakke/Nordic Life -

Fredriksten Fortress & Museum

This Fortress has resisted six Swedish sieges and never been captured.

Crowning behind Halden in the beautiful surrounding  landscape, you will find the historical Fortress of Fredriksten built from 1661 to 1671.  

It was King Fredrik III of Denmark which declared the construction for more protection of Halden. Fredriksten Fortress known for the famous event from  1718 where the warmongering Swede King Karl XII was shot here.

Today you will find a monument mark the spot. Now the museums in the grounds of the castle cover various facets of the Fortress history. 


1776 Halden
Capital Region
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  • Lattitude: 59.119946
  • Longitude: 11.397007