Botanical Garden Bergen

It is a obvious choice to take a break in the beautiful Botanical Garden in Southern Bergen.

In the summer they have the biggest collection of roses here, and throughout the garden, you will find more than 5000 different species of plants.

History & plant collections

After opening up in 1996, the Botanical Garden has been developing different sections such as the Useful Plant Garden, the Japanese Garden and the Alpine Garden. 

The Useful Garden is an exciting collection of both old and new used and cultivated plants.

You will find the spectacular Japanese Garden, the newest attraction in the garden. This part was developed between 2005 - 2008.

Do you search for plants from around the world, the Alpine Garden is the answer. Here you will find plants from different countries in the world, parted up in geographical order.

The area is totalled 7 hectares, and the garden was built by the University of Bergen, that belongs to the Arboretum. 

There has been the most focus in developing the southern part of the park facing Lake Mildevatn. Several new trees and bushes have been planted, and by the main entrance, you will find a beautiful collection of tulip cultivars.


Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 60.257164
  • Longitude: 5.270144