Borgarvirki Fortress

This is truly a unique natural phenomenon, which was used by the Vikings as fortress back in time.

Borgarvirki is a 10-15 metre high ridge of columnar rock. This phenomenon is a volcanic plug, and there is speculation as to whether it was, in ancient times, a district fortress and even, perhaps, a battleground.

The Sagas

The Sagas say that this fortress was used for Viking military purposes and they added to the natural formation, so Borgarvirki is one of Iceland´s most notable historic sites.

There are steps leading up to the top. It is hard to walk there as it is very rocky and many rocks have fallen from the fortress.  However, when you have reached the top you will be rewarded with the view from there is awesome and spectacular.

Amazing views

A wide panoramic view over a large part of the region and a viewfinder is in place to help you locate some of the important landmarks. On top of Borgarvirki you will also find a view dial showing the names of the mountains in the vicinity.



North Iceland

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  • Lattitude: 65.474815
  • Longitude: -20.597391