Askja Volcanic Area

One of the most dramatic nature sights in Iceland.

The landscape surrounding Askja is alien, due to little rainfall, ash and lava. The area was used during training for the Appollo program and was visited by the astronauts in order to prepare them for the lunar mission. Their main objective was to study geology.


Askja was virtually unknown until a tremendous and disastrous eruption started in March 1875. Heavy ashfall killed livestock and poisoned the land. This eruption triggered a wave of emigration from Iceland to America, especially by people who inhabited east and north Iceland. The last eruption of Askja was in 1961.

Season & tours

Please note that mt. Askja is only accessible for a few months of the year, due to snow and weather.

It is not recommendable and possible to go there by your own car, but you will find many local operators offering day tours to the area.

Getting there

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  • Lattitude: 65.011054
  • Longitude: -16.748528