What to Pack - Denmark

What to pack for at visit in Denmark depending of what time of year you visit the country. In summer it will be much the same as in other cities around the world.

It a good idea to make sure what you pack is appropriate for the season when visiting Denmark because the weather and temperatures are changing much depending on the season. In the summertime, it can be around 20 degrees Celsius or more, and in wintertime, it can be under zero degrees. 

Summer in Denmark

In the summertime, we also recommend you to bring in a light waterproof jacket, t-shirts, jeans, shorts and a pair of good walking shoes.

Mostly the summer months are pleasantly warm, but bring a warm jacket or fleece jacket, because there can be chilly and windy days to in Denmark.

Winter in Denmark

In winters the weather can be cold, and it can be freezing, then some essentials could be a warm coat, boots, gloves, warm pants and a scarf.