Tax free Shopping in Sweden

If you are travelling from outside the European Union (EU), you are entitled to a tax refund on your purchases in Sweden.

Tax-free shopping in Sweden allows visitors outside the European Union (EU) to claim a refund on the value-added tax (VAT) paid on eligible goods purchased during their stay.


Country VAT rates in Sweden

Standard VAT rate: 25%

Food: 12%

Books: 6%


Tax-free goods

Refunds are paid on items that are exported in the traveller’s luggage.
Refundable items must be unused.


Non Refundable goods
- Alcohol
- Boats
- Vehicles
- Services


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8 essential points to know

1. Eligibility

Tax-free shopping is available to non-EU residents, including tourists and visitors not residents of Sweden or the EU.


2. Minimum purchase amount

To qualify for tax-free shopping, you typically must spend a minimum amount on eligible goods in a single store on the same day. The minimum purchase amount may vary, but it is usually around SEK 200 (Swedish Krona).


3. Identification

When making your tax-free purchase, you must present a valid passport or identity card to prove your non-EU residency.


4. Tax refund procedure

At the point of purchase, ask the retailer for a tax-free form (sometimes called a VAT refund form) and make sure it is correctly filled out with your details, purchase details, and the retailer's information.


5. Validation at customs

Before leaving Sweden, you must present your purchased goods, the tax-free form, and passport to Swedish customs officials at the departure point (e.g., airport, seaport). They will validate the form by stamping it.


6. Refund options

There are different options for obtaining your tax refund. You can get an immediate refund in cash at certain refund offices or receive a refund via credit card or bank transfer after submitting the validated tax-free form to the tax refund company by mail or using electronic refund kiosks.


7. Time limit

The time limit for validating your form is 3 months + the month of purchase.

Check the specific requirements of the tax refund company or service you choose.


8. Restrictions

Some goods, such as consumable items, food, and services, may not be eligible for tax-free shopping. Additionally, you may need to carry the purchased goods with you and present them to customs officials upon request.

It's important to note that tax refund policies and procedures may vary between different retailers, tax refund companies, and countries. Therefore, before purchasing, you should familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and conditions of the tax refund service you intend to use.