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Pukka Travels provides Arctic tours for the modern explorer.

Pukka Travels provides unique eco-friendly and unique experiences and to wish to show you the beauty in Tromsø and the Tromsø region. This is tours like northern light journeys, fishing, sailing & skiing.


Pukka Travels Philosophy

They promise to foster an environment that enables our guests to become as inspired as possible without sacrificing the comfort and service expected when travelling in harsh, ever-changing conditions. For many, this is a trip of a lifetime and we want to ensure our guests will go home with stories that will be passed on for generations to come.


Sustainable Tourism

They respect the world in which they live and make sure to seamlessly integrate with the wildlife we cross paths with, and the mountains we summit. They make sure to drive electric and use our sails when they can, and when not to they neutralize carbon footprint with Choose. They hold ocean clean up events to ensure the home is clean for wildlife to sustain life. They have the Eco-lighthouse certification that focuses on measuring emissions and setting goals to always improve their business in terms of sustainability.


Tours from Pukka Travels

They offer a variety of boat and land tours. From Arctic Sail Safari, Sailing under the northern lights to our more active tours which include snowshoe hiking. They offer experiences for all ages and activity levels and accommodate all dietary requests (vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, plus more).

Pukka Travels operates 364 days per year.



Pukka Travels
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Pukka Travels Philosophy
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