Great Danish Films

Great Danish Films

Inez Dawczyk - VisitDenmark

Inez Dawczyk - VisitDenmark

Danish Film Guide

Perhaps you have heard about the TV-series ´The Killing´, ´Borgen´ or the Danish Oscar winner in 2021 `Another Round´?

The renowned awarded films like ´Babette's Feast´, ´Pelle the Conqueror´ and TV series like ´Borgen´ or ´The Killing´ are all Danish movies. Famous actors coming from Denmark are Nikolaj Coster-Walday and Mads Mikkelsen, most known for his performing in the James Bond movie Casino Royale.

In 2017 the Danish movie "Land of Mine" has been Oscar nominee for the best foreign-language film.

What is Nordic Noir

Danish movies are known for their social realism, fascinating thrillers and Dogme films. Perhaps you have heard about the TV series The Killing, Borgen or the Oscar-nominated film A Royal Affair?

One of the reasons why Danmark has been quite successful in making many famous film and series is because they have invested in this subject with public money. In 1972 the establishment of the Danish Film Institute started up in Denmark. It was the beginning of the new millennium for Danish film and television series and resulted in a boom period of international recognition and national progress.  

Find famous film locations

Discover Denmark’s dark side on ´The Killing tour of Copenhagen´ or explore the locations of the hit Nordic TV series, ´Borgen´.

In Denmark, you are able to find locations from many and Danish films and tv-series. You can get guided tours such as Borgen, The Bridge and The Killing, but also film locations of classics as the Oscar-nominated A Royal Affair, Out of Africa and the Oscar-winning film Babette's Feast. 

If you go to Denmark, don`t miss visiting the home of Karen Blixen, where she wrote the book "Out of Africa".