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Brim Explorer

Brim Explorer offers fjord tours and cruises in some of the most famous fjords of Norway.

Brim is an old Norwegian word for 'breaking wave'. By breaking a wave, you disrupt the constant and create change. That is what Brim Explorer aspires to do, change the way boat tours in Norway are done and the way we travel through and experience the fjords of Norway. To show that sustainable and eco-friendly cruises are possible.

Brim Explorer provides wave-breaking fjord tours in Norway

Brim Explorer provides ocean excursions without noise or pollution onboard silent hybrid-electric ships
The hybrid-electric boats produce minimal pollution and noise. This creates a unique atmosphere on board for our guests and minimises the disturbance to marine life in the fjords of Norway, bringing their guests closer to nature.

The fjord cruises range from arctic nature & wildlife-related tours to cultural, lifestyle and dining experiences. 

About the ships

The ships are built with the guest's experience in mind and with minimal environmental impact. They are unique in the world.

Thanks to the hybrid-electric engine, minimal noise and vibration interfere with nature and marine life. It also makes for a quiet experience for you.

Onboard is an underwater drone that we deploy during our tours to show life below the surface of the sea. Brim Explorer takes you closer to the wildlife and spectacular Norwegian coastal landscape.

The vision of Brim Explorer

Brim’ is an Old Norse word that means ‘breaking wave’. And like a breaking wave that brings energy and change, Brim Explorer’s vision is to change how we experience the ocean.

By creating experiences that bring you closer to the ocean, they hope to leave their guests with a stronger environmental understanding and engagement than when they arrived.

We provide ocean excursions without noise or pollution onboard silent hybrid-electric ships because the epic, rugged, and awe-inspiring Arctic coast deserves to be experienced from a silent, clean and comfortable ship.


Exiting Tours with Brim Explorer

Here we give you some examples of the tours they offer. Brim Explorer has daily whale-watching tours from Tromsø where you can see Orcas and Humpback whales in the Arctic fjords or cruises where you visit the local fishing village, sometimes you can see seals, dolphins, eagles or other seabirds and discover the world underneath the surface with an underwater drone.

Or you can go on an Aurora Dinner Cruise and silently sail into the darkness of the Tromsø fjords while enjoying a local seafood dinner in our panoramic saloons.



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