Discover the Arctic with Arctic Travel Company

Arctic Travel Company

The Arctic Travel Company can offer breathtaking outdoor experiences both at sea and on land.

They serve the Northern Norway destinations Tromso, the Lofoten Islands, Alta and Kirkenes. During the winter season, the guests can enjoy outdoor activities while the Northern Lights dance in the sky, and during summer, you can enjoy your activity under the Midnight sun.

They offer accommodations in Kirkenes and the Tromso area, and the majority are designed for your guests to enjoy the natural scenery, the Northern Lights, and the Midnight Sun.

In Kirkenes, we offer both the Snowhotel and cabins, and in the Tromso area, we offer accommodation in a Sami-tent (Lavvo) and different sizes of wilderness cabins. 

On their website, you can browse and discover their portfolio of outdoor land activities in the wilderness of Northern Norway. They offer fjord cruises with either a modern electrical hybrid tour boat for Day-cruises or a classical ship for both Day-cruises and Mini-cruises.

During the winter season, their cruises visit the fjords of the Tromso area, including Whale safari in the area. During the summer season, our cruises are both in the Lofoten area, and they offer a Mini-cruise itinerary between Tromso and Lofoten.


Arctic Travel Company
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Arctic Travel Company