Arctic Guide Service

Arctic Guide Service is one of the most recognized, used and experienced tour providers in the northern parts of Norway.

You will find Arctic Guide Service represented the most popular places for tours in Northern Norway such as Tromsø, Lofoten and Nordkap, which define the company's strong connection to the Arctic. During the high season, we engage around 100 guides and offer tours in a wide range of languages. Check our down mentioned seasonal highlight tours.


Tromsø - Northern Lights Chase - A Bucket List Favorite

From October 18th until March 31st Arctic Guide Service guarantees a Northern Lights chase
every evening, as long as the weather allows it. Each minibus or bus has one professional
driver and one authorized guide on board. This crew is on one specific mission: to take you
wherever the chances to admire the magnificent Aurora are the best at that precise

North Cape - Adventure to the North Cape

The North Cape Plateau - Follow in the footsteps of explorers and royalty. Experience the plateau at the end of the world, with its barren cliffs and its treeless, rugged landscape, both mystical and primal.

Situated above 71°N, the cliff with its iconic globe is a breath-taking sight. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity of the arctic north, the magic of the island Magerøya, and scenery that stretches on forever. Perched on the edge of the three hundred metre (1000 feet) tall cliffs is the North Cape Hall.


Arctic Guide Service
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Arctic Guide Service