Arctic Cruise in Norway

Arctic Cruise In Norway AS offers high-quality catamaran sailing adventures around Tromsø - Karlsøy and Lyngen, combined with various activities.

Experience the northern lights, midnight sun, whales playing and the Arctic light in the unique northern Norwegian nature. The sea and the Alps hand in hand.

The magical Northern Lights chase

Chasing the Northern Lights is a wonderful experience everyone should experience at least once a lifetime the trip can turn even more exciting when you set out for the chase with the right tour group.

There are many tour options to choose from, from small eco-friendly electric car group tours to big yacht tours. Arctic Cruise in Tromso, Norway offers you a range of exciting northern lights tour options that you might just find it hard to choose.

Don’t get it wrong, we are not here to rate one type of tour against the other. Each Tromso northern lights tour offered by Arctic Cruise is as exciting as any other and will offer you a completely unique experience. The right tour option for you simply depends on what type of experience you are expecting from the tour.




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Tromsø, Northern Norway
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Arctic Cruise in Norway