Airports in Sweden

Here you get an overview of the biggest airports in Sweden.

The biggest and most used one is Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Göteborg Landvetter Airport in Western Sweden, and Malmö Airport in Southern Sweden are popular airports.

The most famous and used airlines to and around Sweden are SAS, Norwegian and Finnair.



The 5 biggest airports in Sweden

1.  Stockholm-Arlanda Airport 

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport (ARN) is approximately 37 kilometres north of Stockholm city centre and is the largest international airport in Sweden.

You can reach the centre of Stockholm by Arlanda Express train. It runs every 15 minutes.

The airport is the main hub for Nordic Airlines and serves both domestic and international flights. It handled approximately 26 million passengers in 2021.

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2. Göteborg Landvetter Airport 

Göteborg Landvetter Airport (GOT) is the second largest airport in Sweden in Gothenburg, serving approximately 7 million passengers in 2021.

It is 20 kilometres southeast of the Gothenburg centre, and it takes 30 minutes to reach the city centre by Flygbussarna buses.

This airport has one terminal for domestic flights and one for international flights.


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3. Stockholm–Bromma Airport 

Stockholm-Bromma Airport (BMA) is the closest to the city centre of Stockholm, only 30 minutes from the centre, and it is located only 7.4 kilometres northwest of Sweden. The airport handles around 2 million passengers annually.

You can reach primarily on domestic flights and flights from Norwegian and Wizz Air.



4. Stockholm–Skavsta Airport 

Stockholm-Skavsta Airport, also known as Nyköping Airport, is located 100 kilometres southwest of Stockholm. The airport served 2,2 million passengers in 2021.

You can reach the city centre of Stockholm in 90 minutes by Flygbussarna.

The airport serves primarily as a hub for low-cost airlines such as Wizz Air and Ryanair.



5. Malmö Airport

Malmö Airport (MMX) keeps growing by introducing new flights, and the airport is only 50 minutes from Molmö city centre.

The airport serves approximately 1.5 million passengers each year.


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6. Luleå Airport 

Luleå Airport (LLA) is about 7 kilometres southeast of Luleå city centre. Flights from here are mainly domestic flights and flights to Greece, Spain and Croatia in summer.

The airport served around 1 million passengers in 2021.

You can reach the Luleå centre by local buses.


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