Zoologisk have København

A visit to Copenhagen Zoo is a fascinating family experience.

The opening of the Zoo's new and unique facilities for polar bears, North Atlantic birds and seals "The Arctic Ring", one more big attraction fed to the garden.

Over 3000 animals

The Copenhagen Zoo has more than 3,000 animals from around the world and a total of 264 different species.

Special children zoo

The Copenhagen Zoo features Europe's greatest Children's Zoo, where kids can pet the pygmy goats or meet the tame rabbits.

Get a close-up view of the elephants as they bathe in the specially designed basin that is so deep only their raised trunks are visible when they submerge themselves.


Zoologisk Have København
Roskildevej 32
2000 Frederiksberg
Copenhagen, Capital Region
+45 72 200 200

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  • Longitude: 12.521358